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Hi there, we’re Ben and Emma. We’re travelling through Latin America managing and working with all types of businesses all over the world to improve customer experience and build whatever you need to make your business fly.

Here’s what we do!

And here's what We've Been Up To!

Since November 2015 we’ve been on the road and spent half of our time working and volunteering with businesses and causes that we love. Below are some of our recent projects.

Together Journal

Using simple, clean code to highlight amazing images and build a brand new Directory.

little YOGA festival

A custom website build to show people how amazing this festival will be at the beautiful Mt Maunganui.

The Soda Man

A full brand and website development for a side project that’s turning in to a side job.

La Isla de Los Monos

Our two months living in the Amazon jungle and helping on one of the most amazing causes we have ever come across.

Website development, business strategy, social media development, fundraising.

Manati Lodge

Updating the website, copy, producing promotional videos and social strategy for Marillia’s beautiful jungle lodge in the Amazon.

Nina Chocolate

Two weeks staying with the brilliant Luz and Oliver to build two websites and define a brand and social strategy for their tree to bar bean and chocolate companies.

Other Recent Work

As well as full customer experience management we also do web development, design and hosting. Our philosophy is simple, use tools that are easy to maintain, fast to implement and keep costs down for you.

Here’s a few of the brands we’ve worked with recently on website design and development.

Website design

Template implementation

E-Commerce solution setup


Website design

Template implementation

E-commerce setup


Website design

Template implementation


How can we help?

Whether you’re looking for advice or action, we want to help.

Your Place Online

We can help to update your current website and make it mobile friendly or build you a brand spanking new one.

Digital Marketing

We can help you better manage marketing efforts through smart promotional tactics for your business. We can review and improve your SEO for greater online visibility.

Mind Your Business

Whether it is hands on improvement or managing in your absence. We have the skills you need in a team you can trust. Short or longer term.


We can help you better understand how others think about your business from searching for your product through to repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Getting Social

We can help you look at all of your online social media and create a plan to optimise and excite your followers on each of your channels.

Get the Word Out

We can help you better manage marketing efforts through smart promotional tactics for your business. We can review and improve your SEO for greater online visibility.

Making it Tick

We can help you identify areas for improvement on your day-to-day operations, while helping your business to reduce cost and improve efficiencies.

Win Hearts & Minds

We can help you to find innovative ways to win customers, retain fans, and increase conversion rates.

Here For You

We’re here to learn about your business, chat and give any free advice we can to help you.


Ben McMahon

I’ve always had the travel bug. After university I spent 2 years abroad and during the next 8 years working in various corporate roles I always hoped I’d get to ditch the suit and live a digital nomad lifestyle.

When Emma and I realised we had the same crazy way of thinking it was only 3 months before we were on a plane to Chile without a return date in mind. After experiencing this side of life we’re resolved to use our skills to turn a holiday in to a lifestyle.

My corporate experience covers time working directly in Process Improvement, Service Delivery, Product Development and Marketing Management. I completed my MBA with AUT in 2008 and was once on a comedy radio show. Seriously.

Emma Harfield

Emma brings a vast wealth of knowledge to BE Business from both sides of the coin, with over 10 years working in New Zealand corporate business and her whole adult life as a travelphile.

A passion for people, E has vast experience in relationship management and knows how to build and maintain connections with customers.

She has strengths in business planning, building sales strategies, creating marketing campaigns and understands how to generate new business opportunities.


  • You really understand my business and you get the solutions I need…

    Greta Kenyon – Together Journal

  • What we appreciate is the constant support we got from them, even when they left, we still get their help until now…

    Luz & Oliver Eggers – Nina Chocolates

  • I could never have imagined that after a very short time I would get such a quality, what a job ! I don’t have words to thank you guys for what you made for us !..

    Marillia – Manati Lodge

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