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Together Journal - Floral Journal

New Zealand based wedding magazine and online wedding directory.

What We Did

We’ve been working with Greta Kenyon for several years to build beautiful websites showcasing amazing images and making it easy to buy their magazine. 

  • Website design and theme development.
  • Custom directory development with search by location and serviceable areas.
  • Online shopping with custom additions for advertisers and subscriptions.

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What They Say

Greta Kenyon – Editor and Founder of Together Journal and Flora Journal

1) What do we do really well?
Response time is always excellent. I also feel that because we have been working together for a while now you really understand my business and you get the solutions I need. I feel like you are very business focused as well as technology focused and you understand how the two need to work together, always thinking of the bigger picture and my business needs when creating technical solutions. I also think you have a great design aesthetic (very important for us).

2) What could we improve on?
Not much at all. I’m really happy!

3) How is our Website Development work?
Excellent. I have got you to create two sites for me now and I always recommend you to other too. I also love how you come to me with ideas.

4) Was the Directory Project aligned to your expectations?
Yes, very much so. I’m really happy and we are getting a positive response from the market. I love the look, the feel and the functionality.

5) We work remotely while traveling – how have you found the experience with us being offshore?
Because your response time is always so great the distance is not an issue. In fact it works to my advantage a lot of the time as you complete many things over night for us. A NZ based co could not do this.

6) Would you recommend us? (and why)!
I do constantly without hesitation.  I really love working with you, communication is always easy and pleasant. You understand my business, you are quick to respond, I’m extremely happy with both my sites, my directory system and the plug ins created. And we get lots of people commenting on how impressed they are with our digital platforms.

7) What word(s) or phrase(s) would you use to best describe your experience with us?
Can I chose a few? Efficient, professional, reliable, dynamic…

8) For you is price, delivery, service or quality more important?
For me its a combination of all 4 and this is why I have been so happy working with you. You always deliver all 4 and its the perfect combo and balance.

9) What surprises you or makes you the most happy about working with us?
The quick turn around and quality results. Always with great service in the mix too. Its a really lovely and fun experience working with you guys.

Nina Chocolates / Casa Qoya

Peruvian fine chocolate company and cacao wholesalers.

What They Say

Luz and Oliver Eggers – Owners and Founders of Nina Chocolates/Casa Qoya.

Having Ben and Emma living with us was a great experience. They really helped us by creating 2 websites, the content and design.

They gave us a lot of ideas and recomendations to start our new proyect and brand, how to manage social media and strategies, 

They are a reliable and very professional couple. And what we appreciate is the constant suport we got from them, even when they left, we still get their help until now.

They did more than we expected. And we will always be thankful for the great help we got from them and enjoyed the good company and fun we had.

What We Did

  • Conducted market research and competitor analysis to understand their brand positioning.
  • Building a plan of handling two brands from day one with the least amount of copied or wasted effort.
  • Built two websites for the brands, building a social strategy and providing it all documented to help them launch their incredible tree to bar chocolate.
  • Provided translation tools for each website.

Watching the projects go from a design and some great ideas in to a communicating brand was a fantastic two week journey with Oliver and Luz.

Manati Lodge

An incredible Amazon Jungle lodge outside Manaus, Brazil.

What We Did

  • End to end online strategy review for the Manati Lodge website and social media platforms.
  • Website development and coding where we improved English translation, consolidated information and improved readability throughout. 
  • Making images front and centre, we added galleries and videos of the lodge on to the website and made sure they were all mobile friendly.
  • Implemented mobile first methodologies on her existing theme for her increasingly mobile visitors.
  • Realising that there was minimal online visibility and search ability we installed SEO tools to increase search results in 3 languages and fully overhauled her key word search terms. Within the week we were there we increased search results and page views by 50%. 
  • We updated and created a presence for the lodge on all major social media platforms as well as creating new business accounts on Google+, Yelp and Twitter.
  • After spending an amazing 4 days at the lodge we also edited together a short promotional video.

We loved working with Marillia and hope we can continue to help her as we travel around South America!

What They Say

Marilia Costa – Owner of Manati Lodge

After a very busy period in my work I found a time to write some words for this great, great couple. 

I would like to write really good things and I hope my poor English help me hehehe. 

I felt from the first message that this couple was really composed by genuine people, I liked Ben’s sincerity and decided to write back. Wonderful decision!

I can’t explain here all they have made for me and my business but I can only say that they helped me to take it into next level. They totally transformed my website in only 5 days !!

I could never have imagined that after a very short time I would get such a quality, what a job ! I don’t have words to thank you guys for what you made for us !

These guys are amazing volunteers and amazing people.

I really hope we can meet again one day.