After the awesome DK shared our video on Facebook there were a few comments and questions asking us how we make our money and then travel and donate the rest. Below is a bit of our history for finding a balanced life while we travel. Got questions? Let us know in the comments!

The Money Bit

BE Business is the combination of our corporate work in New Zealand and our passion for travel. Emma spent 10 years in sales and marketing, account management and strategy while I was in product and process management, while also a freelance web developer for 15 years. With so many customer interactions being based online, we saw the opportunity to provide a full service for small to medium companies who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

We are extremely privileged to have found a job that can be done online and gives us this opportunity, so we made a choice that it should be used for something more than living in a house and buying more things for us.

After 12 months in South America, we knew $12,000 USD ($17,000 NZD) each was the maximum amount we would need to continue our adventures.¬†Finding a number was our way of challenging our understanding of what earning money is for, and if we can further reduce the amount we need for ourselves then it’s more that we can give.

Side-note: Our company is registered in New Zealand and our clients are based worldwide.

The Budgeting Bit

With this number in mind, we are able to plan our time around working and volunteering when we want to. We don’t have much of a travel plan so we are able to stop where we find the best wifi and concentrate on our customers when we need to.

Since leaving New Zealand we have house-sat, rented local houses and lived with people to just mention a few ways of living. Accomodation and food are the two expenses we have the biggest control over and when we can, we’ll take a cheaper option and cook for ourselves over the best hotel or restaurant on offer.

Travel costs are another big factor in our budget so we don’t move quickly from place to place but find bases for a few weeks or months at a time. When we do travel, we travel like locals which is usually the slowest way with the most interesting things happening.

Missing tourist hot spots also has a big impact on budget and the side of countries we get to see. A recent example for us was missing parts of the Mexican Caribbean because we know of similar places in Colombia without the huge numbers tourists and prices equivalent to home.


And that’s… it?

It’s not a life for everyone and I agree this small insight doesn’t include all of the aspects that are included, especially the negatives that are easy to groan about. On balance though, it’s a fantastic way for us to live. I don’t propose that you sell everything and go traveling, I only hope that people look at what they have and find out what they need, and maybe give a few dollars to a charity instead?