With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, Leaf and Honey got in touch with us to develop a pop-up shop that could easily sell her beautiful bouquets to deserving mothers all over New Zealand. The only requirement? Needing the website online with 24 hours!

Shying away from the ‘simple’ option

While it might have be easiest to sign up to an existing online shopping platform, we decided to build a new store that gave Leaf and Honey the tools to customise each bouquet and provide all of the shopping options that people expect from online florists: gift cards, delivery dates and special instructions were all part of the website we built.

Customer emails were created with product specific messaging and shipping information without the need for a lot of work from Leaf and Honey, meaning they were able to concentrate on creating beautiful bouquets and not their website.

Removing the old website and customising a new theme meant we achieved a professional look without compromising on quality or functionality. Using an online platform would have also meant lots of money spent on transaction fees, something we wanted to avoid.

Building for the future, not just the day

Spending our time up-front building a comprehensive solution also meant that the next step of creating a full website solution will be much easier and cheaper for Leaf and Honey. Using a simple solution would mean re-building to include the full website capabilities that are coming soon.

Within 24 hours people were shopping on the site and once the ordering window closed, we automatically removed the bouquet options while continuing to allow customers to review their orders and keep their accounts on Leaf and Honey for the next time Mother’s Day comes around.

Full website coming soon | Visit Leaf and Honey today