Add an alias domain to your Google Workspace account

If you want to add a new domain for emails in Google Workspace, the easiest way is to add it as an alias. Here’s how.
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Note: This doesn’t change any of your login or email settings for your current account (for this you want a secondary domain).

Login to your Google account at

Navigate to Account > Domains > Manage Domains

Click ‘add domain and start authentication’

Select ‘or switch verification method’ 

Select ‘Create a TXT record’

Select Next: Go To Step 2

Click on the text under ‘TXT Value’, this will copy it to the clipboard. 

Paste this in an email and add it to your DNS records.

BE Business customers we will probably manage your DNS for you, so just email this code to us.

Click ‘Protect My Domain’

Close this page.

Once the record has been added your domain this will be verified when the record is found (this can take a few hours).

BE Business customers stop here

If we don’t manage your DNS, you will need to Activate Gmail. Go through the steps and add the MX records to your DNS as well.

Add your new email to your inbox

Login to

Go to Settings > See all settings

Click ‘accounts and import’

Under ‘Send mail as’, click ‘Add another email address’

Update the name and add the email address

Leave ‘treat as an alias’ ticked

Enter your Gmail password in the SMTP settings

Note: If it does not accept your standard account password, you need to create an App passwords – Instructions here

Note: These instructions were out of date when we last looked at them. Just follow this:

Security > How you sign in to Google > 2-Step Verification > App passwords
Then you enter your domain name and receive your PW