BE Assist

Hi, I’m Ben, one of the founders of BE Business.

I’ve been working on the web most of my life, so when our customers get in touch to resolve issues that are outside of our normal services it’s usually something I’ve encountered before.

I’ve decided to open this support to anyone else who’s looking for general help on the web.

Some Ideas

  • Upskill sessions on specific platforms.
  • Set up your email and file systems properly.
  • Optimise your current processes and workflow to make you more efficient.
  • Create some canva templates for your social posts.

… really anything you need!

Book Now

Book Your Session: Find time in my calendar and reserve it immediately.

Describe Your Needs: Provide a brief description of the issues or topics you need assistance with so I can prepare accordingly.

Get Help: During your session, I’ll provide you with all of the guidance and support you need to resolve your issues.

Session Recording: After our call I’ll send through an email with a¬†recording of our call and any other documents we produce during our catch up.


  • If I’m unable to help you will receive a full refund.
  • If you book too much time I will refund you the difference, or keep this on account for you to use in future.
  • I’m not trying to sell you anything other than my support. I will always try to use free solutions and only recommend things I use myself.