BE on the road: Travel Tech

There are days when I look at my 80Ltr backpag with accompanying side bag and want to throw out everything, pack a small rucksack and leave the rest behind. I’ve always coveted a ‘fall in to a lake’ travel ideal, where I could be pushed in to a lake carrying everything I owned and it would be fine. Wet, but fine.

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La Isla de los Monos – Monkey Island – Projects Review

La Isla de Los Monos

This is a project that will never be finished for us, La Isla de Los Monos (The Monkey Island) is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited and we are committed to continuing our work helping them.

Here’s a selection of what we have done so far.

Nina Chocolate / Casa Qoya

With a Cacao farm in Chazuta Peru, Luz and Oliver have started an amazing project that concentrates on a fair deal for farmers by ensuring the highest quality beans are sold at the best prices. Nina Chocolate and Casa Qoya really were two brands we wanted to work with.

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Can’t solve it? Admit it.

What’s your constant bad review?

Lack of communication? Terrible WI-FI? Too cold at night?

There are hundreds of reasons people will leave a negative comment on your business, and you can never be expected to fix everything for everyone.

And what if it’s the most constant complaint and you can’t fix it? That’s when you admit it and find a way to change the conversation.

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