Don’t get a web guy just to create your first website, spend some time playing online and you’ll find you can do something pretty amazing for free.

For any small business that is just starting out, your website shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars, and most of the time you can do it yourself for near to nothing.

You probably don’t expect a company that makes its money, in part, from building websites, to give you this advice, but there’s a good reason for it. Too many people start their website for their brand new company without a clue of what they want. Online shop? Chat function? Booking capability?

Just like you don’t know what you want in your house until you’ve lived in a few, it’s not usually until your website has been up and running for a while that you’ll realise what it’s real purpose is.

For example: A hostel website might think it needs to be a one stop shop for any traveller that comes through. However there’s no need to spend thousands on a specialised booking functionality when and can both be embedded in your website for near to nothing. There’s also no need spending hours creating information and content that you could link to from other places.

Below are some free and cheap monthly options to get yourself off the ground.

And what do you need a web team for? That’s next…

The all in one package – a free online blogging tool that is extremely simple to use, looks great on all devices and is the backbone of, the more complex version. You could have your business website up and running in an hour with WordPress and people will probably think you’ve been working on it for months. – beautiful, simple websites mainly used to showcase photography in large format images. From $12 p/m. – another easy to use interface for a monthly fee that’s great if you want to display photos and minimal information.

The cheap/free online shop  With powerful inventory, order handling and integration with other apps (such as Xero for accounting), Shopify is one of the most powerful and user friendly shop environments online. If any web developer tells you they can build something just as well, be very wary. – a great shop option if you just want to experiment and not pay the monthly fee.

What do I need a web guy for? What do you do?

Once you’re ready for your business and website to grow, we’re here to help. Doing web development doesn’t just mean we create a new website and leave you to it. Web development is understanding the complete user experience; from the first time they search for you, to buying your services and leaving a great review. We make sure that your website is quick, easy to use on all devices and can be found easily on the web.

That’s why we’re not just a website design company, we concentrate on the total customer experience and use our skills in marketing, sales, web and process improvement build you a successful solution.