You’ll never believe what happens next…

Well actually, you will. You’ll guess 6 of the 10 ‘amazing things to make him love you’ and not be shocked at all about the ‘incredible’ changes to the stars of a 90s TV show – clickbait again just showing us aging with a bit of bad surgery…

Once seen as a fantastic way to drive clicks to your website, content creation is not a new marketing technique. With the proliferation of click bait blogs and click bait distribution such as Outbrain, it has gone from interesting info to mindless list articles and over exaggerated headlines.

We all know what it is and what it looks like, but not always where it is. Click bait content is so pervasive that ‘featured articles’ on major newspapers are now no more than dating sites and smartphone games. Even newspaper articles have changed their language to get you more interested in pineapple as a pizza topping, like it actually matters…

And why?

bad clickbait ads on nzherald

Common content stories promoted around the web. Source – NZ Heraldn

What’s the point? Conventional wisdom says ‘get people to your website and then they’ll buy your product or click on your ads’. Clickbait advertising is essentially serving free cupcakes outside to ensure people come in.

But do we want those clicks?

What do you feel when you click another article that says ‘This is Astounding!’ (it’s not). You’ll be baited, you’ll click on the link, and then once you realise it’s not that interesting (you probably already know this going in) you’ll close it, feeling slightly cheated, and not much further towards knowing about the brand you just clicked on.

Generate the right clicks, not all the clicks.

Giving out a cupcake is a great idea to get people into a bakery, but what about a hardware store? You might get a lot of people in the door, but when they arrive and realise it’s nails not flour, they’ll just as quickly leave again. For online marketing crowds who sell you on page likes and brand interaction, the fact your visitor doesn’t care about your brand isn’t their problem, they just wanted the clicks.

No to crap content, yes to as much of your own as you can create.

The important piece of content creation is to find something that captures the audience you want. The content that’s going to get the best response is real content created by you. Not stock images and lists pulled from Bored Panda, but relevant information that your customers will find interesting and will help to drive a buy decision. Directly or indirectly, customers know they are being sold to, but if your information adds value, the customers will happily come back. Be honest.

So, no to clicks?

Again, definitely not. As the simile above represents, we want to promote your brand to people who are likely to buy from it. Sometimes you just want likes on your Facebook page, but key to your advertising spend is finding people who are going to like, share and ultimately buy from you when you post things down the road, not just anyone who will ‘like’ something for the sake of it.

The Answer?

Content creation is a great idea that has been executed by blogs in an attempt to bait clicks and sell advertising. Understanding your audience, concentrating on interesting and relevant content, and targeting specific demographics will drive traffic that results in conversions, not just clicks.

You don’t want to be another 9Gag if you’re selling holiday packages, but do you have beautiful images that you can turn in to meme’s of their own? Re-appropriating the style is not against the rules if it’s original and drives the right customer to you.

What can BE Business do to help?

We want to manage your social media marketing strategy! Let us condense the ongoing issues out of keeping copy and images fresh on your ads in to a simple weekly e-mail to you.

  • Create an in depth customer analysis.
  • Build strategies for targeting new and old markets
  • Content creation and posting.
  • AB testing of ads and copy for conversions.
  • Pixel tracking and re-marketing.
  • Landing pages and offer building.
  • Product analysis and side by side development.
  • Results analysis and recommendations
  • … the list goes on.

If you’re interested, please contact us today. Want to see us in action? Check out our latest work today.