Graphic design, logo creation and brand identity

Creating a strong brand presence is about more than just a new logo, it’s about building a brand strategy that makes your business stand out and get noticed.

A logo that represents you

We design logos that showcase your company and make it easy for customers to remember you.

Brand Guidelines

Let us help you define your fonts, colours, imagery and create a guide for how and where to use them.

Social Network setup

We’ll create the different sizes and shapes you’ll need for your social networks.

Your files are yours

We’ll give you all your logo files to give to anyone you want to. No holding on to them.

Trusted Tours Sri Lanka logo

Created for a good friend in Sri Lanka, we named his business and designed a logo that was bold, fun and said exactly what he wants to convey for tourists. Backed up by great reviews, Kenny is building his business on amazing trips through this beautiful island.

RNE Group logo

Incorporating their Korean and New Zealand connections, we blended the Taegeukgi and Koru to create a logo that represented the journey across water that RNE Group and their clients take.

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