List of New Zealand Online Directories

As part of our SEO projects, we suggest clients add their website to appropriate online directories to gain backlinks for their site and more traffic.

What Is A Backlink?

Whenever a website links to you, it’s seen as a vote of confidence that the content you’re sharing is of good quality and others want it to be read. Google takes backlink indicators as a strong sign they can serve your content in searches.

This doesn’t mean you should be adding your website to just anywhere, as links from low quality websites or resulting in high bounce rates (people jumping off your site straight away) means the content isn’t relevant to whatever the person was looking for, so it’s a good idea to consider if the link you’re adding is relevant and provides the visitor with the information they need.

Below is a list of directories we’ve found that you can add your website to.

List of New Zealand Directories







Just Landed Directory:





Enroll Business:


Express Business Directory:


2 Find Local:

Sales Spider:

Where 2 Go:

Yello Yello:—free-business-directory-/84


Find Us Here:

Found more links? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

SEO is more than one thing

Google ‘What is SEO?’ and you’ll get thousands of opinions and options for what you should do to improve your website, but the truth is there’s no silver bullet, and no solution that will fit every site. You’ve got some standard things that you can improve, but it takes time to build your content strategy, linking structure, and organic traffic. Backlinks and directories are just one of the options.

If you’d like more tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to contact us