Working with Manati Lodge was a fantastic experience. When we arrived Marillia gave us an overview of her current situation and then left us to build a plan for 5 full days.

Our work consisted of an end to end online strategy review for her website and social media platforms.

This included website development and coding where we improved English translation, consolidated information and improved readability throughout.


Making images front and centre, we added galleries and videos of the lodge on to the website and made sure they were all mobile friendly.

We also implemented mobile first methodologies on her existing website for her increasingly mobile visitors.

manati lodge

Realising that there was minimal online visibility and search ability we installed SEO tools to increase search results in 3 languages and fully overhauled her key word search terms. Within the week we were there we increased search results and page views by 50%.

We updated and created a presence for the lodge on all major social media platforms as well as creating new business accounts on Google+, Yelp and Twitter.

After spending an amazing 4 days we also edited together a short promotional video for Manati Lodge.

We loved working with Marillia and hope we can continue to help her as we travel around South America!

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