With a Cacao farm in Chazuta Peru, Luz and Oliver have started an amazing project that concentrates on a fair deal for farmers by ensuring the highest quality beans are sold at the best prices. Nina Chocolate and Casa Qoya really were two brands we wanted to work with.

With such a fantastic mission objective, it was easy to say yes when they invited us into their beautiful home for two weeks to help them with their online presence.


A Two Brand Challenge

Who are Nina Chocolate and Casa Qoya?

Before beginning any development we discussed at length the positioning of both brands and what each identity should say. Through these conversations we all came to a decision and then framed differing strategies for wholesale and retail communication and product selection between websites.

Casa Qoya – Wholesale Cacoa beans and a small range of non-chocolate items aimed at chocolatiers after the highest quality beans.

Nina Chocolates – Flagship chocolate brand made using Casa Qoya beans with an emphasis on Tree to Bar fair farming methodologies.



Nina Chocolate is perfectly suited to Instagram and Facebook with beautiful imagery and a socially conscious story. But setting up social accounts was only the first step in developing the social strategy for the brands.

Researching the industry was key before starting. The market for artisanal chocolate is growing across several demographics so linking with key bloggers and magazines that have an interest in the food and fair trade industries meant that for no money Nina Chocolates can communicate and interact with key trend setters online. Such as in their recent article featured on The Chocolate Journalist.


With two weeks and a big list of jobs to do, WordPress and some slick themes were a great way to implement websites for both brands with a large build quality.

Nina Chocolates was built with a concentration on the quality gained from the ethos they they live by: Making quality chocolate from small batches of beans using natural methods.

The website also has translation in to Spanish, back end online shopping functionality, that can be switched on at any time, and a search engine optimisation plugin implemented.

Visit Nina Chocolates here

Visit Casa Qoya here


Our biggest success has been seeing the success of Nina Chocolates where their visitors (sessions) have more than doubled in one month. Their growing confidence using Instagram has also been a success with followers growing quickly to just under 2000 with a huge rate of engagement to each post.