Developing a simple layout is great fun when you have beautiful images to work with. Together Journal leads with bold images that speak for themselves about the quality of the magazine they produce.

Our work with Together Journal has been ongoing for several years with gradual improvements to their website and more recently a new theme implementation that introduced online shopping and advertising subscription services without building something overly complicated.

Below are a few of our recent implementations for them, visit Together Journal to see everything we have acheived with them.

together-journal-directory-wedding-annual-magazine-be-business-web-development-website-design-custom-codeThe Directory

Using custom code and new styling we created a brand new business Directory that can be easily added to through their existing website. Building a custom search function also allowed us to present the results in a custom way based on location and areas that they service.

Linking the directory with the online shop means that advertisers can purchase their advertising subscription and provide their ad information immediately.

The Online Shop

Not just offering the simple click to buy, Together Journal has customised options through their Woocommerce shop for subscriptions and variations to ensure the best customer experience. We provided the code and plugins required to keep everything as simple as possible for customers and staff alike.

The Event Calendar

We would never recommend a highly custom solution when you’re just testing a new idea, and so it was a quick project to build and style an events calendar that they can experiment with. With options to sell tickets and take bookings already available, they can be turned on at any time.