TL;DR: This will give you some ideas to cut costs and get more out of your designs.

The BE Business branding is in its infancy, is yours?

Is this exactly what we wanted? Do we have any idea what we want?

I think we have an interesting logo in a ‘swirling mass of ideas’ sort of way and I really like the colours (more coming soon!), but it’s not exactly what we set out to create. The truth is though, we didn’t know what we wanted. How do we choose branding for our business when we’re just starting out. We’re not even totally sure what our business is!

Over time though it has become a special logo for us with it’s connotations of movement, new ideas and change.

And it’s a common problem. You’re starting out on your new endeavor, or looking for a brand refresh, and all you can see are the beautiful logos and amazing websites of your competitors. You want something that ticks all the boxes: it tells your customers what you do, communicates your brand, your strategy and your goals in a small picture.

But you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars creating it.

Exactly. So. How do I do that?

Approach designers, get ideas, build concepts, make changes, define more, make many more changes, settle on a logo, colour schemes, fonts, designs, make more changes.

There’s always more than one way to approach this, and through our work with businesses of all different sizes, two common ways have emerged.

1) Someone else’s legwork. AKA: The expensive way: 

Your first option is to launch straight in with a great designer. You can give them as much information as you can and examples and they are tasked with creating your design concepts from this.

If you’re looking for a managed service, you’ve come far enough, please contact us now. We work directly with professional designers meaning you don’t have to manage multiple conversations.

2) Trying things yourself. AKA: The muck-in way:

This is where your effort, the internet and less cash comes it.

Step 1) Concepts

Drawing, sketching, googling are all great ways to get a sense of what you’re after. Do this before you talk seriously with a designer (but after you talk to us), it will really help define the direction you’re heading in. Make sure you leave space for other ideas but understanding what you’re looking for is key if you don’t want to go through a lot of iterations.

Don’t just look in your industry, search around for what grabs you. Cutting and pasting pieces of websites on to a document (or an old fashioned hand drawing) is a great way to figure out what you’d like to see and show to your customers.

Step 2) Get some drafts done by designers

These websites (among the hundreds more) provide affordable logo design concepts and services for extremely low costs. You can try different concepts and designs and even look at ideas well outside of your industry comfort zone (especially good for brand refreshes).

Disclaimer: Yes, it’s much much cheaper but it will take time to search for designers and requires a bit of management. If you don’t have the time – or it can be better spent on growing your business in other ways – we are happy to manage this process for you and engage with designers for this part.

Step 3) Once you’ve got some ideas together, and a clearer direction of what you want to see…

…finish it off properly…

Your logos, colours and designs work best when you work with someone you trust and your ideas are implemented properly across your brand. The more direction you can provide up front, the less you’ll pay to get your great look because time is spent building something incredible, not just fixing small things and doing backwards and forwards.


You might find a designer that will do everything for you for a steal on a freelancer website, but be careful that your design is all original work and they have agreed not to reproduce it for others. Also make sure you read the fineprint of what you’re buying.

In Short

  • Logos, colours, concepts and design can be expensive if you wander in without you providing a clear direction to your designers.
  • Using online tools can help you try ideas and examples before you settle on a solid concept.
  • Don’t spend too much money finding your way.
  • Get it finished by a professional and create a consistent brand experience.

…And remember

Logos are not fixed. Your logo, branding and website should be reviewed and updated to ensure you are capturing the most of your audience.

Don’t stress about getting it perfect first time, getting something online people can see is more important than a blank page, you’re also not expected to launch a complete brand from nothing without changes and iterations to come.

Small iterative changes can be fun and keep your brand interesting, so we’ll keep an eye out on trends within your industry and suggest things we find to complement what you currently offer.


Any Questions?

Please contact us for a chat or any advice on your business and how you can create a brand without the huge costs.

We want to save our clients money and utilise the tools available to us to do so. We will help you to build a customer experience model using the logos and designs you come up with during this process.

Just a note: We don’t receive any kick backs from any recommendations on this post. Keeping costs down for our clients is key to creating sustainable businesses. Our hope is that you choose BE Business for your next project.