What We Did

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After migrating an existing design to a new theme, we have expanded the Daisy Brides website in the last few years to include custom gowns filtering and individual gowns pages. We upgraded their hosting and built the dress pages for speed and responsiveness.


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What They Say

Cliff Kurniawan


What did we do really well?

I like the responsiveness and the fact that you just focus on actioning the feedback. There’s no drama about what’s technically feasible or not. I gave you a few outs saying that I’m willing to compromise on some of the functionality, but you just kept trying until it’s right.

How was our Website Development work?

It’s fine! The theme work and we had a really good spec (the current site), so it worked out well.

What was your experience of working with us remotely?

I think this is  good. The timezone works out well. I will make a request and the changes come in the morning. Some overlap in time so we can engage but it’s almost we’re working together 24/7, which is awesome.

Would we recommend you?

Yes. Done it already.

Describe your experience with us

Fast, responsive, no fuss. Interesting factor was the 24/7 experience. That was an unexpected bonus.

Other Work

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