What We Did

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Providing university and schooling opportunities to international students, we worked with RNE on a new logo by Amanda Blake, and website design to inform their potential placements and also highlight the amazing places they were able to send students. 

We integrated translation for Korean characters which RNE can update themselves.


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What They Say

Executive Director at RNE Group

What did we do really well?

I personally enjoyed working with B&E Business because you were always listening to our ideas and concepts that we wanted to approach.

Responding to emails were on point and the updates to little details were efficient!

You weren’t just creating our website, the whole experience I felt was mostly focused on re-branding our company in the value we were wanting to approach to the audience.

Would you recommend us? (and why)

Of Course:) We would definitely recommend you to others because we know how amazing you are with the job and the service is great!

What word or phrase would you use to best describe your experience with us?

Professional, organized, sufficient !!

What was the reason you chose us?

We were recommended by a friend but when I met you and Emma in person, just had no doubt in working with you!

Was price more important than delivery, service and quality?

Equal? I personally thought it was worth due to the effort and service you have delivered to me:)

What surprised you or made you the most happy about working with us?

Very much pleased with the result of the website ! Exactly the way we wanted it to be! Modern, Simple and Unique.

Portraying our first website in 10 years was a really big thing for us and definitely love it! 🙂 I know creating a website for us wasn’t easy as we had 2 languages and so many other things we operated as a company but I don’t know how blessed I am to meet you both!

Thank you so much !