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What We Did

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Greta is our client ‘0’ and is a big part of BE Business for  which we are forever grateful. Ben developed her first website when she started the magazine. Over the last 6 years we have built several iterations to keep it fresh and added countless new features including online shopping, TJ Lovers, a wedding directory and many more.

Through our relationship with Greta we have gained invaluable insight into the New Zealand wedding industry, and the websites and strategies that work well.

We always have plans for new projects with Together Journal, and we’ll show you more soon…


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What They Say

Greta Kenyon
Editor and Founder of Together Journal

What did we do really well?

Response time is always excellent. I also feel that because we have been working together for a while now you really understand my business and you get the solutions I need. I feel like you are very business focused as well as technology focused and you understand how the two need to work together, always thinking of the bigger picture and my business needs when creating technical solutions. I also think you have a great design aesthetic (very important for us).

How was our Website Development work?

Excellent. I have got you to create two sites for me now and I always recommend you to other too. I also love how you come to me with ideas.

We work remotely while traveling – how have you found the experience with us being offshore?

Because your response time is always so great the distance is not an issue. In fact it works to my advantage a lot of the time as you complete many things over night for us. A NZ based co could not do this.

Would you recommend us? (and why)!

I do constantly without hesitation.  I really love working with you, communication is always easy and pleasant. You understand my business, you are quick to respond, I’m extremely happy with both my sites, my directory system and the plug ins created. And we get lots of people commenting on how impressed they are with our digital platforms.

What word(s) or phrase(s) would you use to best describe your experience with us?

Can I chose a few? Efficient, professional, reliable, dynamic…

What surprises you or makes you the most happy about working with us?

The quick turn around and quality results. Always with great service in the mix too. Its a really lovely and fun experience working with you guys.