What We Did

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We started by integrating a theme for the new Vinka Design website to display the beautiful wedding dresses Anita creates. We have since developed custom coding for additional categories, a brand new dress filtering system, and doing a full SEO project to make sure she’s competitive against the strong local and international competition. We continue to work with Anita on new features and functionality. 

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What They Say

Anita Turner

Creative Director at Vinka Design

What did we do really well?

Literally everything!! Ben and Emma were so easy to work with, everything including the little details were perfected to a tee! They are so friendly, professional and easy going, really made the whole experience a breeze for us. We are absolutely thrilled with our new website, it really couldn’t look any better!

What could we improve on?

Nothing! Everything went as smoothly as possible. Such a breath of fresh air for us considering how many problems we’ve encountered with previous developers. Any time there was an issue it was fixed promptly. Couldn’t be happier! No issue was too hard, even things we hadn’t thought about, they were on top of it!

How is our Website Development work?

Brilliant in its execution and problem solving. Our website looks fantastic and represents our business and its entirety, exactly the way we wanted it to and how we discussed it to be.

How is our design and layout work?

Same as above! Perfectly executed.

We worked remotely while doing this project – how have you found the experience with us being offshore?

An overall easy and pleasant experience, no matter where in the world they are, help was only an email or phone call away and communication was on point.

Would you recommend us? (and why)!

Absolutely! I really struggle with technology and Ben and Emma really made this whole process easy for me and delighted to say we will have an ongoing relationship with them in regards to hosting and updating.

What word or phrase would you use to best describe your experience with us (and why)?

Easy! No problems at all and very easy to work with.

For you is price, delivery, service or quality more important? Did we deliver on these expectations you had?

Delivery, service and price were all key elements, but also really good that they walked us through everything and had the patience to explain everything to me. So happy with everything over all. Exceptional value for money.

What surprises you or makes you the most happy about working with us?

How easy they are to work with and that they actually followed through with everything they said they would do, it’s more challenging to find people like this these days and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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